Friday, August 11, 2017


60 thousand psychologists signed a petition saying that Donald Trump is mentally ill and thus not fit to serve as President and should be removed from office. 

I wonder how many of those 60 thousand think that he is mentally ill despite agreeing with his political policies. I am guessing ... close to zero. 

I also wonder how they define "mental illness"? Is he unable to function? He just lies in bed all day talking to the ceiling? Is he delusional? One minute he thinks that he is Queen of England and the next he thinks that he is a little girl in kindergarten? It is not fair to call someone mentally ill and not define your terms. 

Does Donald Trump have serious emotional issues that he should be working through which would help the entire free world? Yes, indeed. It is hard for anyone with emotional awareness to argue with that. Is he a megalomaniac? It seems so. Does he have anger management issues? Looks like it. Is he able to control his mouth? That is very difficult for him. Has he been guilty of infidelity numerous times? Many more than that. Is he a narcissist? He should be President of the World Narcissist Society ["WNS"]. Does he violate societal norms of behavior and comportment? Certainly. Does he lie? Hey - goes with the territory. He has LOADS of issues.  But mentally ill is a strong word. [Or actually two strong words].

The 60 thousand psychologists ALL have their own personal issues that THEY need to work through. 

Obama had issues. Bush had issues. So did Bush. [Sr. and Jr.]. Carter had issues. Even Reagan had issues.   

EVERY HUMAN BEING HAS ISSUES. The only question is how severe their issues are and how emotionally aware they are.

What are your issues and how are you dealing with them??