Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Who has the most pain in the world?


The person you are speaking to you who is sharing their pain. 

It is true: Whatever they are going through is not as bad as Auschwitz where your grandparents suffered. And it isn't as bad as having ALS [Lou Gehrig's machala] or being both blind and deaf. But from THEIR perspective, their suffering is the worst. They are not experiencing or thinking about any other suffering and thus by comparison it ain't so bad. They are totally immersed in their own pain. 

So when WE SUFFER we can remind ourselves that it could be much much much much worse and that we are surrounded by infinite brachos. But this perspective shouldn't make us insensitive to the suffering of others.   


Family First

I have a friend who is a fundraiser for a certain Jewish organization. He was talking about what a financial crisis his organization is suffering through. 

Now it is none of my business [but being Jews I guess we often feel that everything is our business...] but I wonder. This fellows parents are super-rich. I don't know how many millions but A LOT [for what they sold their home for I could support my family for a FEW HUNDRED YEARS and not have to worry about money]. His siblings, uncles, aunts and cousins are also very, VERY wealthy. I can't imagine how many hundreds of millions [maybe billions] are flying around there. And he is publicly going around begging for money for his organization. Like - doesn't your family help?? 

I think I know the answer - yes. But very little.  I have seen it a thousand times. In the same family you have people who are poor and others wealthy. I often wonder: Shouldn't the wealthy family members be helping their own flesh and blood before they give to other causes?? The Halachic answer is: OF COURSE. But in practice it doesn't always happen. So someone will donate a building to a Yeshiva but will barely help his son's family when they are struggling on a Kollel stipend. 

I think that the psychology is that it is more glamorous to help someone you don't know so well and don't be obligated by. Helping a family member is not always such a good feeling. People don't have that fuzzy "tzedaka feeling" but more like the feeling of paying a bill.

It is always important to keep the din of the Shulchan Aruch in mind: Family comes first.   

Raising Good, Ehrlich Children

Today I was listening to a conversation between two men, both graduates of the great Chevron Yeshiva. One, wearing no Kippah on his big [almost completely] bald head. The other wears a Kippah, but the thoughts that take place under the Kippah are veeeeeery far from what he was taught in Yeshiva....

In contrast, I know people who went to schools like U. of Michigan, Columbia, Brandeis and MIT who are tremendous Bnei Torah. I enjoy forming my all time "Camp Lavi Tzadikim" team. Kids who went to that camp which was, let us be kind and say, "less than the frummest camp around" who turned around to become Tzadikim Gedolim. 

Ponovitch and the Mir have graduates who are Reshaim par-excellence. עוכרי ישראל. While Ramaz, Yeshiva of Flatbush and HAFTR [to give just a few examples] have graduates who are GREAT Talmidei Chachomim and נשים צנועות וחסודות.   

ללמדנו - To teach us: A good education is no guarantee of anything. OF COURSE one should strive to receive and give one's children the best education possible, but there is nothing that can absolutely ensure a good final product. And having received an inferior Jewish education is no real obstacle to greatness. 

We need a LOOOOT of tefillah, good modeling, love and warmth. It is not enough to believe in Torah [both of these aforementioned men believe in Torah - they were actually talking Torah]. One must also have a large measure of AHAVAS TORAH, excitement and enthusiasm for learning, davening and Avodas Hashem in addition to Emunas and Kavod Chachomim!!! 

In Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach's home, his children were taught less how important it is to be a Talmid Chochom but more what a disgrace it is to be an Am Ha-aretz. He did quite well with his children. Like, each one a MASSIVE Talmid Chochom and beyond. 

The Fanatics Have Taken Over

This was written by a left wing Israeli academic:

"אם יש משהו שמאוד נחלש באוניברסיטאות מערביות בתחומי מדעי הרוח והחברה, זה החופש האקדמי.

הוא מזמן בעיקר החופש של שמאל חילוני שמקדש שיח פוליטיקלי קורקט פנטי, ותוקף כל חופש אקדמי אמיתי שמעודד סיעור מוחות פתוח ואותנטי.

גם בישראל, מי שלומד במחלקות במדעי הרוח והחברה ברוב האוניברסיטאות ממש לא נחשף לחופש אקדמי: לא בטקסטים הנלמדים ולא בדרך שמלמדים אותם".

This is no less true in the U.S. 


Hymie And The Babe

Babe Ruth had a roommate name Hymie Solomon who had earlier changed his name to Jimmy Reese. I wonder if Hymie taught the Babe about Krias Shma Al Ha-mitta.

He could also have told the Babe about the most famous Jewish convert - RUTH. And when someone converts, the Talmud says that he is like a newborn BABY! "BABE RUTH"!!!

What do the former Yankee stadium and Malchus Beis Dovid have in common? They are both "the house that Ruth built". 

זכותו יגן עלינו!!!

Hodaas Baal Din Against Eidem

Believe it or not - the עדים said that the loan is all paid up but the לוה say that only half of it is. 

Rockin' shiur BS"D!!!  

Here and here.

Rav Adin ben Rivka Leah

הרב עדין שטיינזלץ בן ה-83 אושפז במצב קשה בבית החולים שערי צדק, והבוקר (שלישי) חלה החמרה במצבו. הוא סובל מדלקת ריאות ומאושפז כשהוא מורדם ומונשם.

משפחתו של הרב מבקשת להרבות בתפילות: "אבא שלי נלחם במקרה קשה של דלקת ראות (שאינו קשור לקורונה) וסובל מהידרדרות הערב", כתב בנו מנחם אבן-ישראל, "אנא הזכירו אותו במחשבותיכם ובתפילותיכם. מי ייתן שנזכה שישוב לבריאות שלמה, בעזרת ה'. אנא שאו תפילה ופרק תהלים עבור אבא, הרב עדין בן רבקה לאה".

הערב תתקיים גם תפילה בכותל עבורו, ותשודר בזום.