Monday, February 19, 2018

Real Friends

"We live in an age of communication without connection." 

I don't have a Facebook page. I don't even know how to upload pictures or even use an smartphone. I am not interested. I have had 46 very good years without these things and all of the צרות that  I have had over the years were completely unrelated to my lack of Facebook or smartphone. I am not a member of any whatsapp group.  I only have a simple kosher cell phone because my mother insists that I have one. It doesn't even have texting which is fine because I don't know how to text. 

Nor am I interested in learning [how to text. I am quite interested in learning other things:-)]. 

Life is very good and I have no complaints. The problems I have won't be solved if I become more technologically savvy. 

I don't even know how to drive. I took a few lessons when I was 19 and it was fun but I never found it important enough to continue.

So one thing is for sure - I won't get fined for texting while driving. 

Anyway, I constantly get messages in my email inbox saying [it talks to me in Hebrew] אלחנן יש לך הרבה יותר חברים ממה שחשבת - "Elchonon, you have many more friends than you thought". 

I am mamesh mamesh כופר בכל. Nonsense. לא היו דברים מעולם. I would LOVE to have more friends. As Dovid Hamelech said חבר אני לכל אשר יראוך - I want to be friends with everyone who fears Hashem. But Facebook friends are not friends. Everybody knows that. I hope. 

So  - let's be friends.

REAL friends!!! 


Deep into the Shmatsa - Are Issurei Torah on the chefza or the gavra and how that answers a bomb kasha on the Rambam. 

Pretty not normal and BS"D bl"n more to come!



Awesome!! CHAZAK ME-OD! 

Especially thought provoking was what he says at the 29 and a half minute mark or so. 

Milestone - Be A Pal

I noticed that I recently surpassed BS"D TEN THOUSAND posts on the blog, in addition to my other blogs where I have over THREE THOUSAND posts. MILLIONS OF WORDS. I like to believe that it is not the tremendous quantity but the quality that is important. I take no credit. I sit down, start writing and am very often surprised with what appears on the screen. Ideas just pop up in my head as I am writing. Hashem gives me an amazing amount of help. Better said - it is ALL him and I am just the puppet.

All of the researching, thinking and writing has taken THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of hours. That is a lot of time. I hope and believe that there are many who benefit which pushes me to continue. I don't see my readers and rarely hear from them but I know that they are out there. I don't do this for appreciation or feedback but to help people grow and make the world a better place.

So I have to thank Hashem for EVERYTHING, my life, livelihood and everything else. I thank my parents who bought me the computer. I thank the tzadikim who sponsored the digital library that enables my research. And of course I thank all of the holy readers who give me the strength to continue.

It goes without saying that I don't get one penny from this and don't even have advertising as many sites do which brings in significant income. If anyone wants to show their appreciation and to be my partner in spreading Torah and chesed, you can do so on pay pal via this link. 

You won't miss out on any meals and it will give you life in this and the next worlds. 

Most People Steal

Chazal say רובן בגזל - Most people steal. That hasn't changed... Not everybody robs banks but people cheat on their taxes, overcharge, use office property for themselves etc. etc. 

An Israeli researcher wrote a book about the various forms of dishonesty. Here is an excerpt. 

Not too long ago, one of my students named Peter told me a story that captures our misguided efforts to decrease dishonesty rather nicely. One day, Peter locked himself out of his house, so he called around to find a locksmith. It took him a while to find one who was certified by the city to unlock doors. The locksmith finally pulled up in his truck and picked the lock in about a minute. “I was amazed at how quickly and easily this guy was able to open the door,” Peter told me.

Then he passed on a little lesson in morality he learned from the locksmith that day. In response to Peter’s amazement, the locksmith told Peter that locks are on doors only to keep honest people honest. “One percent of people will always be honest and never steal,” the locksmith said. “Another one percent will always be dishonest and always try to pick your lock and steal your television. And the rest will be honest as long as the conditions are right—but if they are tempted enough, they’ll be dishonest too. Locks won’t protect you from the thieves, who can get in your house if they really want to. They will only protect you from the mostly honest people who might be tempted to try your door if it had no lock.” After reflecting on these observations, I came away thinking that the locksmith was probably right. It’s not that 98 percent of people are immoral or will cheat any time the opportunity arises; it’s more likely that most of us need little reminders to keep ourselves on the right path.

[Dan Arieli - The Honest Truth About Dishonesty] 

Modern Society - The Saga Of Limitless Consumerism

What is the basis of our culture and essentially the entire economy?

Listen carefully: We are BRAINWASHED DAY AND NIGHT that what we don't need and might not even want - we NEED. THAT is the entire trick. Every advertisement plays with our minds convincing us to purchase items which are unnecessary, go on vacations we don't need to go on, eat food we can be perfectly happy without etc. etc.

If you go to any website, there will be advertisements JUMPING OUT AT YOU, in full color, sometimes not even allowing you to get to the page you want to reach until you read the advertisement. An interesting process then transpires in our brains. We think - do we want that or not? You have the advertisement telling you BUY THIS BUY THIS vs. your personal situation until this moment i.e. that you don't need it. But you start thinking "hmmmmmm, maybe I really DO need it?". 

Look at how HAPPY the person in the ad is!! Look at how GORGEOUS the woman in the ad is and this product is associated with HER! Hey, if so many other people are buying it - how can I be left out?? I will look so cool and feel great if I buy it! [This is all happening in your subconscious. Advertising works on our subconscious. They spend MILLIONS researching the best ways to play with your mind and thereby reach your wallet]. 

THAT is the sheker. You were JUST FINE without this product, but now you are not sure. Then you will see the ad again and again and again. Eventually, it penetrates and we buy it. 

IF the entire world would decide that they are going to stop reading ads and ONLY BUY what they NEED  - the entire economy would collapse in weeks. 

How? People would stop going to restaurants [for the most part] because you can eat well for much less money without them. All of the hotels would go out of business. Only homeless people need hotels [ditto]. The rest of us have homes that are MUCH LARGER and more comfortable than hotel rooms. [Occasionally people need a change of scenery but not at the rate the world pursues this]. People would stop buying the latest smartphones and other contraptions because we would realize that we can be perfectly happy without them - or actually happier:-). 

Clothing. How much do we NEED and how much do we HAVE? First, look at your wife's wardrobe [or your if you are a woman - your own]. THOUSANDS of outfits. DOZENS of pairs of shoes. And yet she NEVER HAS ANYTHING TO WEAR!!! The styles change and many women are convinced that they need a new wardrobe every new season. But even men - we have faaar more clothing then we actually need. One or two outfits for the week and one for Shabbos and our nicest for Yuntiv. What else?? All of the clothing companies would go out of business. 

Vacations - people don't really NEED to fly but the airports are ALWAYS packed. People have been convinced that where they are is not good enough so they have to go elsewhere. 

So basically - all of the restaurants, hotels, high tech companies, clothing companies, airlines etc, would go out of business. And all of the unemployed would barely have money to buy what they really need which would send the rest of the economy into the ground. 

MASKANA: It won't happen. The brainwashing is too strong. 

But WE can change our purchasing habits. The more spiritual we are - the less we need and the happier we are with what we have. Then we can give all of our extra money to tzedaka....

Another TREMENDOUS benefit - we will no longer be slaves to consumerism.