Friday, October 20, 2017

Noach - Gratitude


A huuuuuge mazel tov to Chani Ehrman on her engagement to Avraham Abba Zions!! A special mazel tov to my beloved brother HaGaon Hamefursam Rav Dovid Shlita [and the very special Rebbetzin Julie in whose zchus Rav Dovid reached the heights he has!], one of the prominent poskim in Yerushalayim, a man who learns day and night, taking breaks only to daven and do chesed with his family and others!! And of course I must mention the proud grandarents "Bubby and Grandpa" who should get much nachas from Chani and all their grandchildren!

An additional mazel tov to all of the other parents, grandparents, brothers sisters etc. etc.!!

A huuuuuuuuuuuuugeee mazel tov to Elana Ehrman on her upcoming wedding this week. And of course to her father, my beloved cousin HaRav Yisrael Shlita [Eric??], a tzadik in our times, a gentleman, a scholar, a man of rare qualities and so much that I can't mention here, Rebbetzin Ahava Shetichye, a famous holy Rebbetzin appreciated by all for her spritual qualities and great culinary skills and much more, all of the siblings, the grandparents my Uncle Fred - a great baal tzdaka who finishes shas and writes novel thoughts on Torah in his spare time and Aunt Susan - who is beloved by all who know her for her great wisdom, insight, love and perspecacity. And of course the choson and entire Felsenthal and Goldsmith families.

A huuuuuuuuge mazel tov to Simcha Stein on his bar mitzvah!!! A special mazel tov to his father my most beloved friend R' Shmuel Shlita, a man FILLED with Torah, Yiras Shomayim, chesed, tzedaka and many other extremely admirable qualities. And all with a quiet simplicity. And of course to his Rebbetzin Shira, eishes chayil extraordinaire, who besides her countless other special qulaities was a very gracious hostess on those occasions that I had the unique zchus to be a guest in her home. May the R' Shmuel and Rebbetzin Shira, together with their parents, and the greater Stein and Heller families have limitless nachas and see ONLY BRAHCA for many years to come!! 

A huuuuuge mazel tov to my EXTREMELY beloved friend R' Eitan Gavarin Shlita and his eishes chayil on the birth of Liana Nechama. She is a beautiful baby and may she grow up in good health, happiness and prosperity giving much nachas to her VERY special parents!!! May this be the first of numerous healthy children who will make our entire nation proud!! A special mazel tov to the grandparents and families!!


So pleasant. ["Noach" means pleasant. That was a pun. Intended...]

We all know about those who built a tower with the intention to wage war against Hashem. BAAAAAD IDEA!!!

The pasuk [11/5] calls them בני אדם - sons of Man. Were they sons of camels or snails or monkeys? Of course they were sons of Man!! Who else??!! Explains Rashi - This is alluding to אדם הראשון who like them was an ingrate when he blamed the wife Hashem graciously gave him for him for his sin. These people as well, instead of being grateful for being alive [after everyone but a chosen few had perished in the mabul], expressed gross ingratitude when they rebelled against their Maker and Provider.

Gratitude - הכרת הטוב -  is a VERY fundamental quality. The Chovos Halevavos says that we can base our entire service of Hashem on this LIMITLESS feeling of gratitude that we should all have for EVERY SECOND of blessed life we all enjoy. Not to mention food, eyes, ears, our ability to remove waste from our body [a complex yet painless operation done without pain or sedation], our ability to speak, think, walk talk etc. etc. We have TRILLIONS of cells with DNA that complex contains information that would fill millions of encyclopedias. So TRILLIONS OF REASONS to thank G-d EVERY SECOND!!! 

Gratitude is also critical in our interpersonal relationships. Rav Hutner explained that when one does a favor for for his or her friend, chesed was planted in the world. This chesed MUST beget something positive in return. Otherwise, the recipient is ACTIVELY UPROOTING this sapling of chesed and not just passively refraining from repaying in kind. So ingratitude is not just an act of omission but an act of COMISSION!! Serious stuff!!

You want to have a good marriage ? Express endless gratitude. Do you want to have friends? Show other how much you appreciate what they do for you and others. Do you want to be happy? Think and express your constant feelings of gratitude to the many who deserve it [you can start with Mom and Dad]. It also separates those who are mentches from the opposite. The middah is so important it is already a central theme in both parshas Bereishis and Noach.

SWEEETEST FRIENDS!! Let this email not go ignored!!! Contact those you love express your love, gratitude and appreciation. Make it a daily habit and transform your lives!!!

With much love and gratitude to all,

ESPECIALLY TO HASHEM FOR GIVING ME 46 YEARS MINUS A WEEK. They have been awesome and I hope He gives me many years. So thank you HASHEM, thank you mom and dad, thank you teachers, rabbeim, friends, supporters, employers, people who fired me, people who insulted me, people who listen to my shiurimת read my blogs, laugh at my jokes, hug me, invite me to their simchas, answer the phone when I call, dance with me, share with me and make this earth such a great place to be and make it a pleasure to be a meember of Klal Yisrael!!

Happy birthday to me and many more in good health and prosperity with a LOT OF TORAH and chesed too!!

Good shabbos,


Which Bris?

The pasuk in this weeks parsha says והקמתי את בריתי אתך ובאת אל התיבה. 

What BRIS? The Bris was AFTER the mabul??? 

OK - Look at Rashi. Where does he get THAT from? Is there any hint in the pasuk???

Benefit Of The Doubt

Hilchos Lashon Hara chapter 4, section 7

The matter of judging to the benefit of the doubt relates specifically to someone who becomes remorseful after committing a sin. But if the observer has examined this person's lifestyle and determined that he has no fear of G-d and constantly behaves in a style of living that is inimical to the Torah, like one who is contemptuous of Torah and mitzvoth or who considers one particular aveirah to be irrelevant, and that society as a whole knows that this aveirah is forbidden. In this case it is permissible to utterly degrade this person and to disclose his shame privately and publicly. And if this person does anything or says anything that is ambiguous and can be interpreted as decent or as evil, one is obligated to judge this person as evil since he has demonstrated himself clearly to be a Rasha. Chazal have said: "Do not oppress your fellow Jew" meaning one who is with you in Torah and mitzvoth, do not oppress him with your words. But regarding one who closed his heart to Hashem's Torah, it is permissible to humiliate him through his own actions, to publicize his disgusting lifestyle and to demean him.

Hilchos Lashon Hara chapter 4, section 8

When Beit Din instructs a person in a particular way that involves a physical action, whether it relates to this person in his relationship with G-d or to his interpersonal relationship with others and this person absolutely refuses to abide the Beit Dins's instructions and gives no reason why he won't comply, then it is permissible to publicly humiliate him for his actions and even to record his evil lifestyle in the community's archives for all future generations to view. But if this person responds with a defense that justifies his refusal to comply in a framework of reason that are personal, then the law is as the follows: If we believe that the reason he gave for not complying is untrue and was offered only in an attempt to convince the Beit Din to drop the matter, then we do not have to believe him and it is permissible to denigrate him. But if we are unsure of the truthfulness of his reasons for refusing to comply, then it is forbidden to shame or humiliate him.


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