Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Painful To Read

A daughter of a gadol bi-yisrael is making waves with her outspoken views. An interview with her was conducted. We must weigh in: 

Years back she was a young, married woman and she decided to go to a secular college [it is hard to believe that her father allowed this. The Rambam wouldn't have agreed - See Deyos 6/1]. That was the beginning of the end.

"The culture shock I experienced was meeting the unusual segments of Israeli society,” she said. “I had never before met the LGBT community up close. You usually associate with people from your own circles, and here I was meeting a diverse, special population. It raised lots of questions and internal debates. These are things you can’t share with your surroundings.”

She is circumspect in sharing the details of her epiphany but indicates that a first-hand encounter with a homosexual colleague had a profound effect on her. “For a woman coming from such a different world, to meet a man like that was a big ‘wow.’ I met a person whom I even loved to some degree. A nice, kind person whom I could befriend. Should his [sexual] orientation drive me away because it’s so different? That was a question I asked myself.”

What is so "special" about the LGBT community? Why is it special to have sex with people of the same gender or to dress like the opposite gender? What is such a "wow"? Why is a married woman "loving" and "befriending" another man? Her husband is a talmid chochom and dayan. Does he want his wife having relationships ["I even loved to some degree". I would be PROFOUNDLY disturbed if my wife told me she loved another man "to some degree"] with homosexual men?? 

And what "questions and debates"? That maybe homosexuality is OK? What is the question??

“My father used to say that every dayan should treat a woman coming to court as if she’s his own daughter,” she said. “In reality, things are very, very different. Dayanim do not think this way and cannot bring themselves to reach serious, truthful rulings. The suffering of the other does not concern them.

What a DISGUSTING, FALSE, generalization. Are there dayanim who are insensitive? Probably. But to make a general statement that dayanim don't care about the suffering of others? עפ"ל. And if she has a problem she should speak to the dayanim and not to the anti-semitic news outlet she spoke to. מוציא שם רע of the highest order. 

“They are fearful and, unfortunately, not learned enough. I believe that anyone who is deeply learned can find solutions to every problem. I don’t want to denigrate anyone, but we don’t have enough brave giants.

What does she know?? Did she learn one day in yeshiva? Does she know one daf gemara? How does she know that they are not learned enough?? A learned person can find a solution to every problem?? That is the false, evil, accusation that militant, vile feminists make against rabbis. If they really cared they would find a solution to all of the problem because "if there is a rabbinic will there is a halachic way". I have no words to condemn and denounce such an attitude. It is מוציא שם רע against the rabbis and demonstrates an understanding of halacha that rivals that of Melania Trump.

If she would read her father's sefarim [and her father was more knowledgable than anyone else] she will find that sometimes there is no "solution" to make the "every" halacha like we want it to be. Sorry. "No brave giants". They are not brave because they don't think like this women whose main expertise is ..... fashion [as the article says].

“I admire Benny Lau for telling older single women that they can have babies out of wedlock,” she said. “All rabbis will permit it post factum, once they’re pregnant. No one will claim the baby isn’t kosher, and they will all give good advice on the registry procedures so that it doesn’t face issues later in life. But no rabbi will tell a woman to have a child out of wedlock to begin with. Lau had the courage to come out and say it. I told my husband how much this impressed me, and he reacted with ‘oy vey.’ So, we argue about these things,” she said, laughing.

I don't think it is funny. Just about all of the poskim forbid something but she decided that it is permitted. I don't envy her husband.  

At the end of the article she calls herself religious. A look at what the Rambam [Hilchos Teshuva 3/14] says about מבזה תלמידי חכמים will reveal that  this assertion is debatable. 
When I read such words, I feel tisha b'av all over again. Our society needs women who are modest, humble, pure and spiritual who know their place and task in this world and not people who just create more divisiveness and hatred between different segments of society. 

I don't like to write about these things. But I don't see anyone else who is and in a place a חילול השם and חילול כבוד התורה something must be said. 

באהבה רבה לנאמנים לה' לתורתו ולעם ישראל,