Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Be Careful With Your Words

They once did a study. They put people in a room alone for a few hours with no TV, phone or any other devices or reading material and when they came out they were asked what they thought about. The guys said they thought mostly about sports and ... [the other activity men have an affinity for. The Rambam already says that אין מחשבת העריות מצויה אלא בלב הפנוי מן החכמה - But if one is not immersed in chochma that is generally where he is going in his mind].

The girls thought about [guess. OK, drum roll -] relationships. And they would think about conversations they had and analyze and analyze.  

A girl from a frum family recently died of a drug overdose. One of the most traumatic experiences in her life that affected her deeply and intensely was being told by her second grade teacher that due to her inadequate intellect she belonged in first grade. She never got over the pain. Eventually it spiralled [due to other factors as well], she dropped her religious observance and ultimately killed herself [by accident].  

I too, replay in my mind hurtful comments that people make and I am not a girl by any stretch of the imagination. Many guys do [we just like sports more than eating out hearts out over insensitive remarks people make but we have time for both].  So females don't have a monopoly on sensitivity.  

Sweetest friends - be careful with your words!!! היזהרו בדבריכם!!