Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Some Irreverent Political Commentary [It Was An Intense Day - Gotta Cool Off]

Wouldn't it be funny if Chris Christie was really Jewish?? Would he change his name? Jew Jersey deserves a Jewish governer. 

Would it be inappropriate to add that I could really see him liking Yerushalmi kugel and in general all of the kiddushes we have.

[There was a big debate as to whether it was right for a Republian like him to hug the Democratic Obama as he did. I for one am in favor of more hugging in the public sphere. Politics Shmolitics]. 

I once read an article by an obese person who urged us not to be judgemental of obese people because it is often not their fault and they also suffer a lot. 


But if any obese person wants to shed 30-40 pounds, I could use it, so send it my way! The other day I got on the scale [which I just discovered I own] and my 5-10 frame could only manage a meager featherweight 123 pounds.   

Less for the worms to chew on after my time is up...