Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Easy Doesn't Equal Good

I just received an email advertising a new commentary on Mishna which is the "only mishanyos that can be learned fast. And most importantly: Easily with no effort."

First of all, it is a lie. There are plenty of sets of mishnayos on the market that make learning mishnayos easy and fast. ["Kehati" is the first that comes to mind but there are numerous others].

And this notion that "easy with no effort" is good is an odd perspective of the twitter generation in which we live. Everyone has heard many times that the most important part of learning is the toiling and hard work. אם בחקותי תלכו - שתהיו עמלים בתורה!! The ikker is the ameilus. 

I am not saying that one shouldn't use sefarim like Artscroll or Mesivta. But they should be used as an aid and base to enable one to plow deeper into the text and just bypass the more technical aspects like translations and how to punctuate. To ADVERTISE that one can learn with no effort as if it is a good thing??

Crazy times.