Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Regarding this post:

The key word is "victimization". If a person wants to get anywhere in life then he or she must stop feeling like a victim. EVERYONE can find people or circumstances to blame for their difficulties and failures but great people stand up bravely to their challenges and avoid complaining. That is the secret of the success of the Jews in America. All of our ancestors came to the shores of America [or elsewhere, depending on your family history] with no knowledge of English and basically just the shirt on their backs.

Now, 60, 80, 100 years later, we are all acculturated, acclimated and rich. We all have indoor plumbing, we all live with just one family per house, we all have refrigirators, washing machines, dryers, electric stoves and ovens, large wardrobes, cell phones, iphones, usually a couple of cars, often a country home etc. etc. All because our ancestors didn't complain about their horrible circumstances and difficult upbringing but put their nose to the grindstone, worked hard and with G-d's help and grace, made a life for themselves. 

Anyone who cries all of the time about how life isn't fair - will always find life to be unfair and get nowhere.  

Here is a beautiful shtikel from the Rav ztz"l:

הכניסה אל אושר החיים, של היחיד ושל הכלל, לא תהיה נגמרת בחפץ עדין לבד, להשתמש עם הכוחות המרוכשים כבר או המנוחלים מני אז לטובה, כי אם כשהרצון הטוב יתעמק כל כך.. עד כדי התגברות כח החיים לרכוש עוד הרבה אמצעיים וכחות, כדי להוציא על ידם אל הפועל את אותו אושר החיים המבוקש.. [אורות הקדש ג' עמ' ע']

Do you want to be happy? It is not enough to have a vague will and desire for success using the abilites that you know you possess. You will "make it big" when the positive desires are so deep, strong and intense that you acquire new talents and abilities in order to be successful in all that you do.  

The סוד is deeeeeeeep רצון that translates into action!!!