Friday, October 28, 2016

Cognitive Dissonance

לזכות הק' אלחנן בן הענא מרים שיחזור בתשובה שלימה יחד עם כל בית ישראל

People spend countless hours in shul davening before Rosh Hashana, on Rosh Hashana, Aseres Yemei Teshuva and then Yom Kippur. 

These same people only days later spend tens of thousands of dollars to pamper themselves in five star hotels while almost completely immersed in their physical pleasure, spending countless hours in idle chatter, destroying any relic of shmiras einayim [the way the women look and dress make it possible only for blind people not be stumble] and act as if they were not supposed to be on the level of angels only days before. 

So on one hand - every one of these people is MUCH better than I am in countless ways [I just can't afford hotels but if I could, who knows - maybe I'd be there too]. There is no doubt about that. Nobody knows better than me how much I am filled with רע and how little good I do. 

On the other hand I am using this forum in order to cry out "YIDDEN - don't lose all of the great madreigos you reached over the last month and a half." It is really not worth it. This world is soooooo fleeting. If you have extra money - I can think of a few mitzvos you can spend it on and you won't lose out. All you need to be TRULY happy is an internal world filled with meaning. 

ודי למבין ואין כאן מקום להאריך אם כי צריך להאריך בזה מאד. והדברים נוקבים עד עמקי תהום!