Monday, October 31, 2016

Expanding Horizons

Dovid Hamelech said [and we say in our Hallel]: מן המיצר קראתי י-ה - From the narrow places I call out to Hashem. I look around and see so many people who just don't "get it". They are not serving in Hashem in the right way and it pains me. How can this be? Why don't they see the light??? 

ענני במרחב י-ה - Hashem answered me from the expansive, broad perspective. I elevated my perspective and saw that from up above, from the celestial, Divine viewpoint, there is much merit to other paths in Avodas Hashem that aren't necessarily identical to mine. I am not Breslov but there is much room for Breslovers. I am not Chabad but the world needs Chabad. I am not an army-serving-flag-waving-Hallel-On Yom-Haatzmaut-saying-religious-Zionist but such people have an important place in the great mosaic of our people's devotion to Torah values. Not my narrow way but part of the more broad Divine scheme. 

ענני במרחב י-ה - When you get "up there", you see that there are a multitudinous amount of ways to serve Hashem. He is [כביכול] more broad and all encompassing than we can ever imagine. 

ויש להאריך ואין כאן המקום. 

[עפ"י אורות התחיה אות י"ח]

A gut chodesh!!:-)