Tuesday, May 31, 2016

4.3 Billion Isn't Everything

Not so happy.

I watched the commencement address of the famous Jewish owner of a football team to a room filled with yeshiva graduates. 

One line that struck me: He related that he likes to buy a coffee at Dunkin Donuts in the morning [he added that he is not a Starbucks guy and everybody cheered - why is that deserving of applause??] and when he pays, he also covers what the people behind him in line bought. He says "It makes them feel good, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, it makes ME feel good." [Emphasis - mine]. 


He related that he was brought up religious. He clearly left that long behind. He didn't even bother to put on a kippah when speaking to a room full of religious students in a religious institution. Why is he presented as a role model?? Because he has 4.3 billion dollars?? I would rather have one daf gemara than his 4.3 billion dollars [I write that despite the fact that I am in deeper financial distress than I have ever been in my life. May Hashem extricate me soon!!].

According to his wiki page he "prays" at Temple Emmanuel. Why does a yeshiva allow someone who sits next to women in shul address a large group of impressionable young people? Is money everything?? Yes, he quoted a bit from "Pirkei Avot" but someone who waxes rhapsodic about fulfilling his childhood dream of owning a football team is far from a role model for our youth. They couldn't find a billionaire who learns every day and sends his kids to yeshiva? 

And why does a "Charedi" kiruv website post this video and encourage everyone to watch it??

As I have written in the past - let's go for the REAL, UNDILUTED, GENUINE, AUTHENTIC, TORAH and leave behind all of this superficial, materialistic, feel-good stuff. 

Ultimately - the real thing feels the best. But of course that it not why we seek it out. We seek it out because we want TRUTH. 

As for the philanthropist - אין הקב"ה מקפח שכר כל בריה  and he will receive his just reward for the tzedaka he gives. But educationally, we have to have our priorities in order.

Anyway - I grew up a Dolphins fan and hated the Patriots. But that's besides the point....:-).