Monday, February 27, 2017

4 Links - The Holy Beis Yisrael

Today is the yahrtziet of the Holy Rebbe of Gur the Beis Yisrael - here and here and here and here are some stories. [He is the Rebbe of Mori Vi-rabbi Shlita so I guess that I am his spiritual grandson]. 

In the secular press they have a lot of venom for him because of his famous "takanos" regulating the marital conduct of couples. The reality is that even though it is not recommend for non-Gerrers to follow these takkanos, there are thousands of Gerrer couples that are happily married. People who don't understand kedusha cannot understand the value of self control. If a tzadik makes takonos for his chasidim, one should respect that. If someone doesn't want to be a Gerrer chossid - it is a free country... It is not a Communist state and everyone has free choice.