Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Two Links, An Expression Of Gratitude And Blessings

Here is this week's parsha sheet. The topic is the sugya of אבידה מדעת. 

It is dedicated to my beloved friend R' Daniel Yaakov Zweigbaum Shlita - Ish Hatorah, Hamiddos Vi-hachesed, who sponsored [without being asked, at his own behest], together with his special Rebbetzin, the upgrade on the Otzar Hachochma program, adding thousands of sefraim to my library. So they have a zchus in ALL of the Torah that is going to be learned on these pages [Mevakesh, Shmatsabaitzlusa, Oros Harogochover, Yutorah]. Thousands and thousands of visits a week [we are closing in on a million visits BS"D] and hopefully spiritual growth in its wake, for לא המדרש עיקר אלא המעשה. 

So my blessings to my holy friends who allow me to try in my small way to spread light to the world through the magic of Hashem's gift to the world - technology. And to those who are not partners through giving but through learning - may we continue to learn together for many years to come and hopefully make the world a better place and a fitting dwelling for the שכינה. 

Bi-ahava rabba,

Me 珞