Sunday, February 19, 2017

Thoughts On Therapy:

The therapist ALL TOO OFTEN only sees the problems of his client through the prism of his own life experiences. If the client is saying things that don't match the experiences of the therapist, he will be corrected until he views things the "right" way. The therapist OFTEN forces his world view on the client.

Sometimes - the clients life is in better shape than the therapist's. What is ALWAYS true is that certain areas of the clients life are in better shape than that of the therapist.

How many therapists admit that they have NO IDEA what to say to this person? How many therapists will say to a client - "It doesn't look like I have been successful with you. I suggest you go see someone else." They will almost NEVER say that because it means they lose their livelihood.  

Sometimes the advice of the therapist is the same as that of good friend - albeit more expensive. Sometimes - the advice is worse. 

This doesn't mean that one shouldn't go to therapy - just know the limitations of the therapist who is an EXTRMELY fallible human being, whether s/he admits it or not.

One should seek out a therapist who is humble, open, accepting, willing to admit limitations etc. etc.

The bottom line is that nobody can MAKE you better. You can only use others to help facilitate change - with a lot of hard work.