Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Thank You Morahs

There are a few women whom I constantly think about [where is this going??].

My Morahs. The ones who taught me how to read. How many words have I read in my life? Millions upon millions. All thanks to my Morahs [and of course Hashem and my parents]. I had many fine rabbeim and teachers but I could have managed without them. But my Morahs? If not for them, I couldn't read a pasuk in Chumash or lihavdil a street sign or words on a food package. Or ANYTHING!!!


And thanks Hashem for allowing me to remember how to read, to be able to see the words, to be able to understand them instantaneously and ALLLLLL OF THE THINGS I TAKE FOR GRANTED EVERY SECOND OF MY LIFE!!!!