Sunday, April 29, 2018

Your Donation Will Be Doubled, Tripled, Quadrupled!!

In the fundraising world today, the most popular method to raise money is by promising that every dollar you give will be matched by an anonymous donor [who, in case you are wondering, is never me]. Sometimes - people are promised that their money will be tripled or more. So people figure - why give a hundred dollars elsewhere when it is only worth a hundred dollars when I could give it here and it is worth 200 dollars or more. So they give. Magic!! 

How can we do this for our mitzvos? How can we compound exponentially the worth of our mitzvos??

SIMCHA!!! The happier you are doing the mitzva, the more the mitzva is worth!!! So two people can do the SAME mitzva but one person will get MUCH MORE REWARD and more importantly, kviyachol pleases Hashem, because he did the mitzva with simcha as opposed to his friend who performed the mitzva out of a pure sense of obligation or habit.