Sunday, November 27, 2016

Eisav's Personal Sin Preferences

Heard from my Skype chavrusa Rav C.S. Shlita....

Rashi teaches in this weeks parsha that Eisav had bi-ah with a נערה המאורסה. Tosfos in Sanhedrin [57b] notes that Bnei Noach are not commanded not to have relations with a נערה המאורסה - only with a בעולת בעל and therefore although Eisav didn't do an aveirah strictly speaking, it was still disgusting.

But Tosfos never address a more basic question - Where do we find a נערה המאורסה  before Matan Torah. The whole notion of אירוסין started after the giving of the Torah - no??

So in Talmudic parlance - היכי משכחת לה נערה המאורסה לפני מתן תורה??