Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Internet Tragedies - Part 1

It might sound unbelievable but the people who tell it swear that they are telling the truth and just won't release his name in order to save his family great embarrassment.

A Rosh Kollel who was "holding" in KOL HATORAH KULA - including Kabbala, had HUNDREDS of men in his kollel who were paid the very respectable sum of 3,500 shekel a month, a mechaber sfarim etc. etc. was given an iphone as a present last winter. He was told that he could answer shylos with the iphone. What a BRACHA!!

Well, to make a long story short - he became addicted, stopped answering shylos and then after a short while stopped giving shiurim because he was busy going to the worst possible places on his phone. 

Soon after he told his wife that he needed to go to chutz la-aretz to raise money to increase the number of men learning in his kollel, pay for his sfarim etc. etc. 


His students went to bring him back and found him with no kippah, tzitzis, beard or peyos. But wait - it gets "better". He was living with a non-Jewish woman. 

Unbelievable but like I said they insist that it is true and I believe it. That is the power of the Internet. 

They asked him to come back but he said that it is too late. He said that they should have spoken to the guy who bought him the iphone as a present.

My message is that if you can do away with it completely GREAT!! If you can't - at least minimize your usage and be very careful. And for goodness sakes - don't let your children use it unless you are supervising [or better - not at all].

Here is the story in the original: 

סיפורים מצמררים עדכניים. מאומת לחלוטין_עמוד_1