Sunday, November 27, 2016

More On The Mystery Of The Missing Haskamos

I received a communication about this post from a talmid of Rav Hutner HaRav HaGaon R' Y.D.H. Shlita who is a Rebbi of mine [if I am zocheh to be on the level to even be called his talmid] and he wrote as follows:

      Two points of information about Rav Hutner. One, when the article appeared claiming that Rav Hutner was a candidate for Harav Haroshi, the Brisker Rav sent him a message (possibly a telegram): "Mah Lekohen Bevais Hakvaros?" Rav Hutner sent back a message denying the rumor and assuring Reb Velvel that he had never given the position serious consideration.

Number two, the Toras Hanazir was reprinted twice. Once by Zundel Berman at Rav Hutner's request. That printing has no Haskamos, because Rav Hutner told him that at this stage he was a Gadol in his own right and did not need Haskamos. Then it was reprinted by Keser in Rav Hutner's lifetime without permission, and they left Reb Chaim Ozer's Haskama in but removed the page with Rav Kook and the Dvar Avraham. Rav Hutner contacted them and expressed his displeasure.

I just wonder - I "get" that they omitted Rav Kook's haskama. But what did they find wrong with a haskama from the Dvar Avraham?? 

All I can do is encourage everyone to learn the sefer:-).