Sunday, February 5, 2017

Geulah And Then Tefilla

לזכות ר' נח בן חי' ליבא לבריאות השלימה וכל טוב סלה!!
לזכות משה יהודה בן פעשא דינה לזיווג במהרה וכל טוב סלה!!
לזכות שרה רבקה בת לאה לזיווג הגון במהרה!!

Chazal require that we mention the geulah right before tefilla - סמיכת גאולה לתפילה. What is interesting is that we emphasize not the MIRACLE of the geula but the SHIRA of the geulah. שירה חדשה שבחו גאולים. Why is that?

The ultimate goal of the geulah is not the miracles per se. For Hashem, miracles are NO PROBLEM. The greater purpose is that WE are elevated and sing to Hashem. When we daven and ask Hashem to fulfill our needs, the ultimate goal is not the peanut butter sandwich that He will give us but the SONG and appreciation that we will express upon receiving what we need. The purpose of tefilla is not "getting out of Hashem" what we want but a much more altruistic desire to serve Hashem with what he gave and to thank him for giving to us. 

So of course סמיכת גאולה לתפילה must be not just the geulah but the song of the geulah which then leads us into tefilla where the goal is similarly the ultimate praise we will bestow upon Hashem.