Thursday, February 2, 2017

Husbands Wives And See-Saw Rides

Many marriages are like a see-saw ride. 

On a see-saw you have one person on firm ground and the other dangling in mid-air. If the person wants to get down he can say or SCREAM "LET ME DOWN" but he is really at the mercy of the person below.

So here is the story of many couples. One of the partners is in control - on the ground, so to speak. The other is at that person's mercy. The unfortunate person "dangling in mid-air" could be SCREAMING for help but the partner can easily ignore the cries. 

Example [classic and common]: The man wants to have physical closeness and often actual intercourse as well. The woman is not interested at all or less interested [it can work the opposite way as well but that is less common]. SHE is in control. HE is in a virtual jail cell because he has physical and [THIS IS THE IKKER] emotional needs for closeness and NOBODY else but his wife can provide that. If she refuses then he is "up the creek" - or up on the see-saw [to use our imagery].

Another example: HE controls the money. SHE needs more but is completely dependent on him to give her. She can cry for help but he can ignore her. He has the money. He is comfortable. He is in control. She feels powerless.   

Ayyyy yyyy yyyyyy!!!

There are many other examples. The solutions? 

You can try to come up with your own.

If anyone is interested they can write me personally and maybe I will share some:-).

Make sure your marriage isn't a see-saw. If it is - get help....