Saturday, February 4, 2017

Korban Pesach 1/1 - The Mitzva Of Shechita

לזכות ידיד נפשי רבי אפרים אבא בן מרים שושנה וכל משפחתו היקרה 

Every year the Rebbe Shlita laments the fact that we don't know the halachos of Korban Pesach and what will we do if Moshiach comes this year??  We have to prepare. So we will learn the Rambam Hilchos Korban Pesach and hopefully become wiser for it. Let us begin ..... at the beginning!

מצות עשה לשחוט את הפסח בארבעה עשר לחדש ניסן אחר חצות ואין שוחטין אלא מן הכבשים או מן העזים בלבד זכר בן שנה ואחד האיש ואחד האשה חייבין במצוה זו:

It is a positive commandment to offer the Korban Pesach on the fourteenth day of the month of Nisan after midday. This offering is brought only from lambs or goats, a male in its first year. Both men and women are obligated in this mitzvah.

We learn that there is a mitzva to SHECHT the Pesach. The Minchas Chinuch [מצוה ה] wrote that the Rambam's language is not precise because there is also a mitzva to sprinkle the blood and to burn the innards on the mizbeach. However, it would seem that the Rambam is being very precise. The mitzva of shechita devolves on every Jew and the only way to get around doing it is if you appoint a שליח whose act counts as if you did it. This is in contradistinction to the other Avodos that need not be performed by the owner of the Korban and when the Kohen performs those acts they are done with employing the law of שליחות. So the mitzva of shechita - unlike the other Avodos - is the personal obligation of every Jew. 

It is important to note that the Sefer Hayeraim counts ALL ASPECTS of הקרבת קרבן פסח as a mitzva and not just shechita. 

Here is his lashon:

Another important note: The Rambam holds that only with respect to Korban Pesach is there is a mitzva of shechita but Rashi in Pesachim [7b] holds that there is a mitzva of shechita with respect to ALL korbanos. 

There is a world to discuss here but I am going to keep it short. See the Nosson Piryo [Pesachim page 451 and on] who expands upon what i wrote here and see many other acharonim that I am not going to mention....

Bi-ahava rabba and wishes for a delicious Korban Pesach this very year,