Sunday, February 5, 2017

Learn With A Yearning

The gemara in Avoda Zara [19a] quotes the pasuk גרסה נפשי לתאבה אל משפטיך בכל עת - "My soul shatters with yearning for your laws always" and expounds that one should first learn somewhat superficially ["גירסה"] and then go deeper. "Shattering" is contrasted with "grinding" into fine flour which denotes a deeper understanding. 

Some people can only learn bi-iyun. this is not such a good thing because there are times that due to his personal troubles he doesn't have the peace of mind to go deep into the Torah. At such times he must learn more superficially "גירסה". He should learn this גירסה with a תאוה [see Rashi there]. If he does this then the end of the pasuk will be fulfilled: אל משפטיך בכל עת - He will learn at all times. When he is able - in depth, When he is unable - more light and easy. But he will never stop learning.