Thursday, February 2, 2017

Parshas Bo - Kind Words From Arabs

Shaaalloommmmm swweeetest friends!!!!!

This dvar torah is l'zchus my holy beloved friend,  the tzadik nistar R' Doniel Yaakov Ben Sara Liba [I would tell you his last name but then he will no longer be nistar...], his special Rebbetzin Fraida Shulamis bas Pessel Sara and their beautiful children, Menachem Yitzchak, Michael Yehuda and Rochel Leah. May they have only simcha and bracha all the days of their lives!!

In this weeks parsha we read that the servants of Paroh told him to free the Jews already because the Makkos were so miserable "שלח את האנשים ויעבדו את ה' א-להיהם" - Let them go and serve their G-d.

What a LOVELY sentiment!

Said the Holy Piltzer - Look at the power of good words!! The servants of Paroh made one positive statement and it was inscribed for eternity in the Torah. They were not tzadikim. They were not Ohavei Yisrael. But we will forever remember their positive words. 

According to studies, women say an average of 20 THOUSAND words a day while men say about 7 thousand on average [who was the poor guy who counted??]. [The discrepancy, say scientists, stems from the extra foxp2 protein in the female brain. Other studies contend that there is not such a discrepancy and men and women say about the same amount of words a day. I personally probably say triple of my wife...]. Hashem carefully listens and judges every word we say. So we have thousands of opportunities to say positive words. The Zohar Hakadosh says that just like we will be judged for every negative word we say, we will also be judged for every positive word we cound have said but refrained from doing so. 


It is also estimated that we think 50-70 thousand thoughts a DAY!!! How many of them are either repetitive or self destructive??!!! We sometimes drive ourselves crazy with our thoughts. We have 10's of thousands of opportunities to have thoughts of holiness, positivity, love and kindness. Hashem endowed us with this WONDERFUL capacity to think and it is up to us to use it for the right things. The very first bracha we say every day in our Birkos Hashachar is to thank Hashem for this great gift.

If you use our power of speech and thought properly, it will be inscribed forever on the autobiography we are all in the midst of writing, as it says "זה ספר תולדות האדם" - This is the book of man's history. This book is written not only with our actions but also with our speech and thoughts. 

Have a delicious Shabbos beloved friends!!!


PS - This Motzaei Shabbos I will be sponsoring a seudas melave malka as a sign of thanks to Hashem Yisborach for all of his chasodim and particularly for saving my daughter Adina-le's leg from a potentially catastrophic illness and bringing her back to health. All invited!!!:-):-)