Monday, February 6, 2017

Physical Pain Vs. Emotional Pain

Neither are pleasant....

One major difference: When I was a teenager, I had surgery on my leg. I was hopping around on crutches. Everybody was so nice to me. When a person has a visible physical ailment he gets a lot of moral and practical support [often times].

But when a person is hurting inside, it could be a thousand times more painful than a physical ailment but one has to go through it alone. He could be wailing and wailing in his heart and nobody is there to help him. 

If he wants someone to listen it will cost him hundreds of dollars and he will often be disappointed by the response. A person can be trained for years but psychology is far from an exact science. Every person is a world unto himself and they didn't cover that specific world in psychology school....

A fortunate person has a loving friend or relative with whom he can share his pain to make the burden just a bit lighter. Fortunate are those who help others release emotional pain.