Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sfas Emes - Please Take Note

B"H - I learn Sfas Emes via telephone and learn Sfas Emes on my own and learn Sfas Emes at the Shabbos table and learn Sfas Emes with whomever will listen.... 

I wanted to make one point which is true about his writing on Chumash as well as his peirsuh on Shas: In a few short words, he will answer so many questions and if you are not reading carefully you won't even realize it. [I pray that Hashem give me the time, energy, intellect and means to help reveal his Light to the world.]   

[I interrupted my limmud of the Sfas Emes to write this because I was so blown away by his deceptively terse simple style with any fancy pilpulisha acrobatics that sheds scintillating light on the subject matter. קורץ שארף און גלאך.]

Rav Hunter once said a Torah and a talmid remarked that it is שטייט שוין אין שפת אמת - already written in Sfas Emes. Answered Rav Hutner "וואס שטייט נישט אין שפת אמת" - What ISN'T written in Sfas Emes. 

Zchuso yagein aleinu vi-al kol Yisrael AMEN!!!

[PS - Last week was his 111th yahrtzeit].