Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Gevura Of Hashem

L'zchus R' Yisrael Meir ben Nechama Aviva livrahca vihatzlacha!

One of the central psukim of the shira is מי כמוכה באלים השם. Chazal expound the word אלים from the word אלמים - mute. Hashem, so to speak, made himself mute as he watches people blaspheme him. שומע חרפתו ושותק. 

We say this pasuk when he finally reveals his glory. This implies that we can have the highest level of appreciation of Hashem's silence AFTER he redeems us. It is at that point that we perceive what he COULD have done all along but refrained from doing. That is the light of galus. only in galus do we see the גבורה of Hashem as he observes people rebelling and remains silent. 

That is also the secret of Yitzchak accepting Eisav's ציד בפיו -  his duplicity, and saying nothing to expose the falsehood. That was an expression of the גבורה of Yitzchak. It was a type of שומע חרפתו ושותק. 

After the very moment we sin, it is Hashem who is giving us the means and the energy. That is a classic שומע חרפתו ושותק. The process of teshuva is appreciating Hashem's patience and forbearance and expressing thanks. This should bring us to a state of love when all of one's sins are transformed into mitzvos.