Monday, February 6, 2017

The "Mon" We All Eat

L'zchus Rebbe Ephraim Abba ben Miriam Shoshana for bracha and hatzlacha in all that he does!!!

Rav Yaakov Chaim Klapholtz was a great talmid chochom and tzadik who lived in Yerushalayim. He was once in a bind as his daughter was getting married and he had no money to marry her off...


So he decided that he had to go to the good ol' USA to raise the money. 

So he asked Rav Chaim Brim, who was close to the Chazon Ish, when he could catch the Chazzon Ish. Rav Brim related that he told him the appropriate time and Rav Klapholtz came and asked the Chazon Ish his question: Should he go to America to raise money for his daughter's wedding?

The Chazon Ish advised him to go and wished him hatzlacha. 

Rav Brim related that when Rav Klapholtz was at the port about to sail, he met R' Menachem Porush [the famous askan for the Aguda]. R' Menachem asked why he was traveling and when he heard the reason he said "Don't go. You won't even cover your ticket." R' Klapholtz explained that the Chazon Ish told him to go and gave him a bracha. R' Menachem told him that if the Chazon Ish said to go then he should go but he won't be able to raise much. The trip would be for naught.

He gets to America weeks later and what does a Yid like Rav Klapholtz do?

He sits in a Beis Medrash in Williamsburg and learns. One afternoon, he walked out of the Beis Medrash and saw the Satmer Rebbe taking a stroll with his gabbai. He asked the gabbai if he could ask the Rebbe question in learning [because the Rebbe was a GAON OLAM] and he did. They started to talk in learning and a long discussion ensued. The same scene repeated itself the next day and then the next and then the next. Rav Klapholtz knew when the Rebbe took his daily stroll and made sure to catch him for a geshmake "redden in lernen". After a while the Rebbe asked Rav Klapholtz what he was doing in America. When he heard that Rav Klapholtz was there to raise money - he said that he was going to call a meeting of his wealthy followes and raise money.

At that meeting the hearts and wallets opened up wide and he received enough to cover not only that daughter's wedding but he had enough left over for the next daughter as well. 

Rav Weisfish, a talmid of thw Chebiner Rov, filled in a detail that Rav Brim didn't know about. Rav Klapholtz went to the Chebiner Rov and told him that he was going to America to collect with the bracha of the Chazon Ish. The Chebiner Rov told him to go but he added that the Chazon Ish never said that you have to go around collecting. He just said to go. Therefore, said the Rov, all you should do when you get there is sit in a Beis Medrash and learn and Hashem will send you the money.....

And so it was.

Today is the minhag to say Parshas HaMon to ask for parnassa. My own life has been filled with countless cases of direct Divine intervention to provide me and my family with "mon" and I trust that yours has been as well. Always remember where the mon[ey] is coming from and B'ezras Hashem it will come down with GREAT BOUNTY!!!

With my brachos for limitless parnassa and also seichel to know what to do with it,

I remain truly yours....:-)