Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Then Is Now

Does Hashem know what we are going to do because he looks into the future?


Hashem knows what we are going to do because for him the future is RIGHT NOW [as is the past]. [Rav Chaim Friedlander]  

Hashem is above time.

So when we suffer - all we view is the present and thus can't extricate ourselves from the pain. But from the true Divine perspective, the future when all of this suffering will have been proven to be for our greatest pleasure is RIGHT NOW. So by changing our limited human perspective to the unlimited Divine perspective, all of the anguish and suffering we have is placed in a completely different context. 

A much more bearable context.

Think about it....   

PS - Much of our perspective on Hashem is a projection of our human perceptions which are then superimposed on a non-human Hashem. We have to break out of our limited scope if we want to broaden to something more elevated.