Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bar Kochba - Part 7: Why Did Rebbe Akiva Think That Bar Kochba Was Moshiach?

He fought the wars of Hashem, he brought people back to service of Hashem, he was from Beis Dovid etc.

According to this he really was בחזקת משיח according to the Rambam but just didn't finish the job and become משיח ודאי [see end of 11th perek of hilchos melachim]. That would explain why the Rambam proves from Bar Kochba that משיח doesn't have to perform miracles. If Rebbe Akiva was wrong in thinking Bar Kochba was Moshiach - what proof is there from him??? But if he really was destined to be Moshiach then we have a proof. 

So please read and become even more knowledgeable about this topic.