Monday, July 31, 2017

Link - Be Illuminated

Go to daf 56 and hear a great shiur on Kamtza and Bar Kamtza. Many great shiuirim on the site. I most recommend the shiurim of Rav Yosef Greenwald Shlita and Rav Ari Walden Shlita.

If you like the shiurim - drop them a line and TELL THEM. It takes one minute.

I have given B"H Bi-siyata Di-shmaya well over 3,000 shiurim on line BARUCH HASHEM but have barely heard a word of feedback [unless someone was offended by something I said. It is like when I try to raise money for Torah projects - deafening silence from all sides...]. That is FINE!! I don't give shiurim for feedback but to spread Torah [it goes without saying that I haven't received a penny for recording the shiurim] and I enjoy every second and hey, may my lips move in the kever [see Bechoros 31b]:-).

So PLEASE - don't send me feedback. I would rather learn than read emails. But tell Shas Illuminated how much you like the shiurim [if you did - they have a feedback square to click on] in order to help proliferate the shiurim of the great, beloved talmidei chachomim I mentioned or others.

The Zohar Hakadosh says that just as one will be taken to task for all of the negative words he said - he will also be taken to task [i.e. punished] for all of the KIND WORDS he could have said but didn't....