Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Meaning Of Galus - Part 2


You felt like you just HAD to get outta there? 

Well sweet friends - here is secret number 1. We are supposed to feel that way about חוץ לארץ. It is REALLY not our place. Yet, we feel GREAT there [I know I do]. It is comfortable. You walk in frum neighborhoods and you see palace after palace, mansion after mansion. 2 large comfortable automobiles in every driveway. Huge yards. Often a pool. Kosher food galore. Shuls, mikvaos, schools. What do we lack?!!

Ahhhh - Says the Maharal [Gvuros Hashem 8]: We are a holy people. Eretz Yisrael is a holy land. Holy people belong in a holy land. Anywhere else is JUST NOT OUR PLACE. Egypt is for Egyptians. America is for Americans. France is for Frenchman. Israel is for .... Israelites.  

כמו שהארץ קדושה כך ישראל קדושים ולפיכך הארץ מתייחס לישראל בענין זה, כי הארץ קדושה במעלתה הנבדלת מן הפחיתות ומן התיעוב וכן ישראל. וכן לכל אומה ואומה נתן ארץ כפי מה שהם וכל דבר יש לו מקום לפי טבעו ומעלתו ולכך לפי מעלת ישראל שיש להם הארץ שהוא אחד בלבד לפי שהוא באמצע העולם.

We lack Eretz Yisrael. 

And secret number 2: The Eretz Yisrael we have today is the best thing we have but is FAR from what it will be one day. As long as Hashem's presence is not palpable, we have not yet fully arrived. 

But it's the best we got.......

We should all be zoche to come home soon!!!