Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Scandal Of The Modern Media

לע"נ מרת אסתר בת ר' שמואל
מרת חנה בת ר' מאיר זאב
מרת חנה בת ר' יצחק יונה

I am no politician sympathizer [or Nazi sympathizer for that matter....Although I did sympathize with Cub fans during that 100 year dry spell]. Politics is filled with so much filth and corruption I generally [with exceptions] find that discussing it is a waste of time or worse. There is no benefit and it just brings us down into that dark world. Talking about the parsha or the latest sugya one is learning is faaaar more interesting, stimulating and elevating. Pashut.

That being said - The country is abuzz about the allegations about the wife of a certain politician who misused public funds and might land in jail. True or not true? Did she or didn't she?

This is my take: I don't know the truth [even though I wonder that if she really spent hundreds of thousands of shekels on takeout food she should be really REALLY obese by now] and can't find myself caring all that much. Avraham said to Avimelech that he was afraid they would kill him if he admitted that "Sarah" was his wife because "רק אין יראת אלקים במקום הזה" - JUST because there is no fear of G-d in this place. No fear of G-d - ANYTHING can happen. That is why there is corruption and dishonesty on all levels of politics, business and wherever money is to be had. Pashut. [And we all know that wearing a kippah is no guarantee of yiras shomayim. Sadly].

Why SHOULDN'T people cheat and steal? Life is about pleasure so if you aren't going to get caught - why not?? I am not a big believer in secular morality. It exists but only at the whims of those who ascribe to it. Those whims can change at any moment [and often do]. A man believes that it is immoral to cheat on his wife - until he meets a women who is being very flirtatious with him at a party and he thinks/hopes he won't get caught and goes for it - מעשים שבכל יום. NOBODY thinks infidelity is moral but a very high percentage are involved in it. The prospect of losing their family and much of their money is also not a sufficient deterrent. The only deterrent that can really stop a person on a constant basis is a very powerful sense of G-d's presence right here right now coupled with the knowledge that the nature of his next NINETY TRILLION YEARS [which is just the beginning of eternity...] is going to be determined by his actions here. No amount of money or pleasure is enough to sacrifice on its behalf NINETY TRILLION YEARS of suffering.

Imagine a person is told - you can eat that delicious piece of cake you crave, but it will give you brain AND pancreatic cancers from which you will suffer for the next 20 years compounded by blindness and deafness and unbearable skin diseases. Would he eat the cake? Is a forbidden woman worth it for that price? What about ten million dollars?? OF COURSE NOT!! But some old fashioned fear of punishment [which is almost NEVER spoken about today] is a SUPER DETERRENT. The higher levels are יראת הרוממות that we alluded to before - a clear sense of G-d's majesty RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW and then put some serious AHAVAS HASHEM as the "cherry on top" [Heb. " דובדבן שבקצפת"] and you have a WELL BEHAVED INDIVIDUAL!!:-)

As Fyodor Dostoyevsky is often quoted as saying [when he wasn't asking G-d how he got stuck with such a name] "If there is no G-d then anything is permitted". If one doesn't believe then to him all morals are subjective and almost impossible to enforce.

BUT THAT IS NOT MY MAIN POINT:-)!!!! We have already discussed that many times before....

MY MAIN POINT IS that I don't understand why the whole country [in our global village it is almost the whole world] has to know about this?? Why it has to be splattered ALL OVER THE NEWS FEEDS??? If she is guilty then she will be punished. BUT WHAT IT IS OUR BUSINESS??? SHE IS A HUMAN BEING WITH FEELINGS AND HER BLOOD IS BEING SPILLED BY THE MEDIA. SICK!!!!

Why are they doing this to her?? Because they care sooooooo much about honesty and the importance of having upright, trustworthy people in positions of power and influence???


And it is not just her. The media does it ALL THE TIME!!! They murder [lashon hara is equated to murder] in order to make money. 

And we keep buying their papers, visiting their websites and blogs [here I had an inclination to hyperlink disgusting "religious" blogs  to make my point - but I won't] and watching their TV programs. It is a tacit societal contract. We the media will dig up all the filth about people we can find and share it with you. You will read and watch. Advertisers will advertise. So everybody will either be entertained or make money - ON THE BLOOD OF OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. SCANDALOUS!!

Welcome to modern society, of which we [myself included] are active participants.