Monday, April 11, 2016

Dealing With Fear And Stress

לזכות ר' יעקב דב בן דוד הכהן

When a person is afraid, it can be paralyzing. The fear is all in his mind and there is NOTHING he can do about it because it is all imaginary. If there was something concrete to do then steps could be taken but since it is all a figment of his imagination, it can be overwhelming and extremely stressful. 

So the first step is to be AWARE that everything is in the mind and not part of his or her concrete existence. 

The next step is to ask oneself the following question: At THIS SECOND, do I have a problem?? At this moment, am I coping?? The answer is usually no [at this second everything is fine - my concern is for the future] and yes [right now I am coping fine with THIS MOMENT]. 

Remember: Just about ALL of our problems are either about the past [guilt, emotional scars etc.] or in the future [fear, worry etc. etc.]. The present is FINE. And since all we have is the present - we should be calm and at ease. 

The principle is that one should be completely in the present. That will solve a great deal of problems people THINK they have. Live in the here and now, this very second, and do what you have to do. Living in the past [which can't be changed] or in the future [which doesn't yet exist] - is destructive to the soul.

Live THIS moment.

[Based on a Torah from Rav Charlap ztz"l and worth FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS - at least]