Monday, April 4, 2016

How To Replace Emptiness

לרפואת נעמי בת טובה
בנימין צבי בן חנה אסתר
חיים מנחם בן פערל
חנה בת שרה מלכה בת חוה

Why is it that people are sooooo focused on what is outside of themsleves and not on what is within? Allllll day loooonnggggg, people are busy with their smartphones, with talking, with watching and playing games etc. etc. Also, people are very focused on impressing others. Who CARES what other people think??! Why do you have to please others? Where does this come from?

Says the Rav ztz"l:

כל מה שהשלמות הפנימית יותר חסרה כן הטבע מחפש להשתלם לצד חוץ. רק במעמד שפלות הנפש יתעורר חשק להתהדר לפני אחרים, בין במה שיש בו בין במה שאין בו. ועל כן חייב האדם להגדיל את רושם השלמות הפנימית, ודבריו ביחושו להכרת עצמו לאחרים יהיו תמיד במשקל הראוי.

[מדות הראי"ה כבוד אות ד']

People are focused on what is outside of them because they are EMPTY on the inside. What we must do is to fill our pnimiyus with meaning. Our neshamos must be constantly active and expanding and thereby we obviate the need to look outside of ourselves for fulfillment. 

There are two places to start.

1] To learn. Set learning goals and reach them. Shas, Tanach, Halcha etc. etc. A person must assess his personal inclinations and learn what is appropriate for his soul. For some it is gemara bi-iyun while for others it is chasidus and mussar. Once a person feels fulfilled by his learning, the silliness of the outside world loses its appeal.

2] Do chesed. Think of others. Involve yourself in the lives of others and take yourself out of your little world.