Thursday, November 10, 2016

Accept Reality And Be Happy- Even Obama Says So - The Better Man Won - U.S.A.-U.S.A.

Image result for pictures demonstrations against trump

Image result for pictures demonstrations against trump

I think that this is a great lesson for life.

Americans live in a democratic country. They chose to live there [only people in jail are not allowed to leave] and generally democracy has proven itself to be the most just form of government in modern times. Americans don't want to live in a communist country nor are they looking for a dictatorship. It is actually the most free country in the world. Freedom of religion [or lack thereof], freedom of commerce [anybody can become a billionaire], freedom of expression [people can bash any political leader as much as they want and nothing will happen - try that in an Arab country...], freedom for women to claim that they are men and vice versa and even freedom to move your car before 7am because opposite side of the street parking rules are in effect. A true, free country.

But now the system has worked against close to half the country and their candidate lost. People are despondent, inconsolable and in complete shock. Completely forlorn. Two lorn plus two lorn. There are mass demonstrations taking place all over. 

Here is the lesson - stop whining. You want to be upset - it's a free country. You want to say that Trump is the worst thing that happened to America since pollution, drugs and ISIS - say it. But he was elected within the very framework that you hold so dear. You can't want a democracy only when your team wins. 

So of course it is a free country and people can also demonstrate if they wish but I think that they are making a big mistake. Such is life. If you want to get married and have children there are benefits but also quite a few difficulties. So if one decides to go on that path he has to be willing to meet the challenges head on. Having a job has benefits but it also might mean having a mean boss or being underappreciated and/or underpaid but that is the system. Think of eating. It's great, right? But then afterward one must spend time in a place he'd rather not be removing the waste from his body. Not pleasant but part of the system. And what about dental treatment and cavities. One accepts those eventualities when he puts food in his mouth. 

Is Donald arrogant, haughty, pompous, untactful, crude, vulgar, a cheat, insensitive [telling John McCain who was a prisoner of war in Vietnam for over 4 years that he doesn't like captured people and that captured people aren't heroes!!] and completely inexperienced as a politician. Many would argue all of those with a lot more. But the democratic system catapulted him into office. That is the same system that got many people's beloved Barack into office. And most of the same people who are celebrating now had to suffer 8 years from whom they felt was a lousy President [or as Donald likes to call it "a disaster"]. גלגל חוזר בעולם. So is life. Sometimes things work your way - sometimes not. But there is no wisdom in trying to fight the system you believe in when it doesn't work in your favor EVERY TIME. 

Because - nothing will go as you please every time. As Barack [no big chossid of Trump - or of Belz or Rachamastrivka for that matter:-)] himself said in a press conference after the results came in: The sun shines once again and life goes on. Be happy and keep going and make the best of the circumstances. 

This must also be said: It is unprecendented that every single citizen of America, no matter whom they voted for, agreed after the elections that the better "man" won. That has NEVER happened in the well over 200 years of the existence of this beautiful country.

So I echo the cries of the Trump supporters: U-S-A-,U-S-A,U-S-A!!!