Sunday, November 6, 2016

Access The Divine

Imagine one would be able to access HASHEM, G-d, The Master Of The Universe, COMMUNICATING with the human race, on-line. How many hits would THAT get??!!!!

I have a secret....

You can access it. The Torah is Hashem's way of CONSTANTLY, DIRECTLY communicating with us. So a shiur on Eilu Metzios with a Tosfos, a Pnei Yehoshua and a Ktzos is Dvar Hashem. So you click on [or better - go to the Beis Medrash] and PRESTO - Hashem speaks to you. 

What about a music video. A guy walks up to a piano and starts pressing the keys and lip synching a song. He them closes his eyes and tries to give the impression that he is intensely connecting to the meaning of the song when in fact it is more likely that he is just acting for the video. Or, he is driving in a car, turns on a cd and starts singing - or actually lip synching - along. Or maybe he walks in a field with trees and flowers, spreads out his hands and starts lip synching. There are many other possibilities. The common denomiator is that in order to enjoy and appreciate these shows one need not activate his intellect at ANY level. Hey - the Goyim have their MTV [if that still exists as it did in my youth] and we have OUR MTV.

The same people who believe that Torah is Dvar Hashem watch these vidoes. Yet, you compare the numbers. These [often silly] videos will get HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS or even MILLIONS of hits. One of these videos can get 3 million hits which is more than one fifth of the entire world Jewish population. Are ANY shiurim nearly as popular?? No matter how good, how deep, how intellectually and spiritually stimulating, the singer behind the wheel or at the piano is going to be more popular.

On Chol Hamoed there was a Jewish music concert which was attended by countless thousands. Are there any shiurim that masses in the tens of thousands will come out to from all over the country? But shiurim are DVAR HASHEM. The better the shiur, the holier and more knowledgable the Rav - the closer on gets to the Source!

I am not against music but I suspect that we lack the will to live and breath Torah at the expense of what is easier and more מרגש - emotionally stirring. 

The correct path is of course to listen to music [if it gives one simcha or dveikeus - unless he follows the opinion that one may not listen to any music b'zman hazeh unless at a wedding or the like] but to remember what is ikkar and what is tofel.