Saturday, November 12, 2016

Aizehu Ashir?? The Flying Pig

An idea heard from a Tzadik:

Trump could have every material pleasure in the world he desires. Food, cars, homes, vacations, various aveiros we won't detail - everything. What was he lacking that compelled him to run for office?

He looked at Obama and said - "Hey, wouldn't it be great if I were the President and received all of the honor, fanfare and power?? IT WOULD!!"

So he harnessed his fortune and went for it. 

He won.

Now what?

I'll tell you "now what". Now he will be taking a pay cut of hundreds of millions of dollars a year [or almost all of whatever he earns] and will live a life with no rest. He will be subject to non-stop scrutiny and criticism no matter what he does or doesn't do. Can you imagine living a life when EVERY DAY you are criticized in thousands of news outlets? Many-many people will want him dead and he will fear that someone will actually be crazy enough to try killing him. His weekends won't be weekends [Presidents work 7 day weeks]. He will not be able to sleep at night. He will be receiving many contradictory pieces of advice and counsel from his advisers and have to decide what to do with zero experience, knowing that his choices will affect 100 of millions of people and the entire world order.  

It will probably happen that he will be thinking to himself "What did I get myself into?? What do I need this for?" But then it will be too late....

The message: Be happy with what you have because if you are not, you will pursue things that are ultimately to your detriment. 

[Some might argue that he is perfectly altruistic and all he wants is to "Make America great again". You can believe that if you want.....:-)].  

I think Hillary was the winner. Now she can enjoy her family, her trillions of dollars, walk her dog, go out with Bill to their favorite restaurant "The Flying Pig" [it really is - I once spent Shabbos in westchester and my host pointed the restaurant out to me] and enjoy life. She is an older woman and old people need calmer lives.

Of course SHE doesn't see it that way because she was also hungry for power.