Monday, November 21, 2016


I don't write the blog in order to receive feedback. I write in order that people should read and hopefully expand their knowledge, grow as people and Jews and hopefully smile or laugh at times. Somehow, some way, for some reason, people read. Lots and lots and lots of people. I find it hard to believe but those are the facts. This is not because of my own self-endowed talent. I am a dead worm. It is that Hashem is obviously sending the right words from my brain, to my fingers, to the computer screen. I just sit down and BS"D it flows. So that is my true reward. It is not monetary or anything material. Believe me. People like to read, remain anonymous and support other things [the Salvation Army? The Republican Party? Filling up the hole in the ozone layer?]. So that makes me more li-shmah and allows people to benefit for free. זה נהנה וזה לא חסר all in the same person.

הודו לה כי טוב!!! 

But on a rare occasion, I receive an email from a person who says that something I wrote resonated with him. That gives me chizzuk. So thank you to those people.

The take home message: Don't send me emails or phone calls. But for the rest of the population, if you have something nice to say - then say it. It doesn't cost money but makes you and the other person better, happier people. 

Hashem told Avraham - והיה ברכה. BE A BLESSING FOR MANKIND. That is our task as well.

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Bi-ahava rabba,
Me 