Monday, November 21, 2016

Marror In The White House

Many frum Jews are horrified that a frum Jew could vote Donald. [Note: Many very chashuv Rabbonim urged people to vote for him. Others went with Hillary.] He is a misogynist, racist, vulgar, abuser of women. And those are his better points:-).

I am not debating that. 

But look at the other side. In America there were about 954,000 murders in the year 2014. And the Democrats are in favor.

Well, they don't call it "murder". They give it nicer, more elegant names, like "freedom of choice" or "reproductive rights". But Torah Jews believe that it is murder - an even worse sin for Goyim than for Jews [for Goyim it is a capital offense, for a Jew it isn't]. 

So who does one vote for - the abuser or the accomplice to murder? Not a choice one wants to make. 

And this is disregarding the many personal and public flaws of Hillary - ואכמ"ל. Just the abortion issue alone is enough to make one squirm. And what about actively approving the notion that a man and a man can be legally married? Not so yeshivish... I saw a clip where Barack Hussein Obama talks with great pathos about how he is in favor of gay marriage and that numerous people on his staff are married to members of their own gender and raising families. How can someone vote for THAT? 

They once asked the Chazon Ish if it is a mitzva to vote in the Israeli elections. He said yes. Then he was asked if it is a mitzva just like eating matza. He answered "No - like eating marror". 

This election was marror. The two candidates were marror. Politics is marror. [In the White House this coming year, Jared and Leah will be eating marror, probably with Donald himself]. The galus is marror. We always have to remember that. NOTHING in the present state of affairs is ideal. Donald is clearly an egomaniac and megalomaniac. He is also a philanderer-baal-tyveh-extraordinaire. I still remember the 80's when the press was highlighting his extramarital affair/s. [Interesting how his kids are so dedicated to him despite...]. A מושחת of proportions more grand than any Trump Tower. We don't look up to him in any way, shape or form. All we do is hope and pray that he do what is best for the country, for Israel and for the world at large. But a vote for him was NOT a vote for his character or even all of his policies. Just as [I hope] a vote for Hillary was not a vote for her character or all of her policies. It was a more a matter of damage control - who will do less damage. 

For us, the takeaway lesson is to wait and anticipate the geulah ha-shleima.