Thursday, November 17, 2016

Yeter Hara Beware!! Danger!

I live in a one hundred percent Charedi neighborhood. But Charedim come in different shapes, sizes and lifestyles. Some are super tzadikim - others less so. Some are big masmidim while others have other interests outside of learning. Some women are tznuos whose whole lives are about serving Hashem and raising holy families while others are more inclined towards the material side of life. People are people. כולם אהובים - Everyone is beloved but not everyone is the same. 

Apparently, the Rabbonim here feel that there are too many iphones and other contraptions that were forbidden by gedolei yisrael, so they are having an asifa to strengthen the community. One of the dangers that was mentioned in the neighborhood newsletter was "Skype". It looks innocent but it can do great harm. I am sure that like everything else it can be abused and bring one to terrible places. 

On the other hand - my experience is that it is a danger for the yetzer hara and all of the kochos hara in the world. One can learn with Yidden in Eretz Yisrael even when stuck in the dark galus of "Obamerica" [soon to be "The United States Of Trump" who is the President for ALL people - or so he claims - even people who hate him or he hates] and experience the euphoria of Torah Lishmah and אין תורה כתורת ארץ ישראל!! 


  מציג את לאבא גמור.jpg