Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Jewish Pride

Donald Trump is the most powerful man on earth. He is also one of the richest people around and has faaaaaar more money than he will ever need.

Yet - even if I try, I am not the slightest bit envious. Not even for a second. He doesn't make brachos. He has never learned a daf gemara, a Ramban Al Hatorah, a Sfas Emes. He has never sang לשנה הבאה בירושלים after an exhilirating Yom Kippur. He has never been shomer negiya, then waited for marriage and then only was with his wife after mikva at certain times. He has never had the pleasure of being shomer einayim. He has never said Shema with his children before putting them to sleep. He has never worked on his middos of כעס  and קנאה and שנאה and is actually a PRISONER to his bad middos. The list goes on and on. And what is true for the "Top Gun" and Commander in Chief is true for every other one of the בני נכר.

So this isn't an original thought but it deserves repeating ....

ברוך הוא אלקנו שבראנו לכבודו והבדילנו מן התועים ונתן לנו תורת אמת.

Think about this when you say the bracha of שלא עשני גוי.