Tuesday, February 14, 2017

We Want Good

לרפואת הילד רפאל מאיר צבי בן ברכה בריינדל

כִּי, לֹא אֵל חָפֵץ רֶשַׁע אָתָּה: לֹא יְגֻרְךָ רָע.

"For you are not a G-d who desires wickedness, no evil sojourns within you" [Tehillim 5/5]

Don't be surprised that Am Yisrael is so AWESOME! That is because HASHEM is perfect and doesn't desire evil - so too, His chosen nation, in their pnimiyus, also don't desire evil. 

He is good and we are good.

אתה אחד ושמך אחד ומי כעמך ישראל גוי אחד בארץ.

The gemara in Pesachim [50a] says that at the end of the days we will be able to perceive Hashem's One-ness. What does that mean? In this world there is strict judgment, there is death, there is suffering, so we say דיין האמת in addition to saying הטוב והמיטיב when thanking Hashem for all of the good. In the next world there will only be הטוב והמיטיב for it will all be sweet and pleasurable. There will only be chesed and we will see Hashem as one. But even in this world He is only one for He doesn't desire the evil that pervades the world. 

בני בכורי ישראל - We, as the first born sons, are the primary inheritors of this quality. We received a double portion. Look at who has done the most good for mankind since the beginning of time - despite our small numbers.