Monday, July 17, 2017

A Woman's Role - Part 2

The previous post reminded me of the commentary of the Rav ztz"l to the bracha שלא עשני אשה. 

Why are men thanking G-d that they are not women? The classical interpretation is that men are obligated in more mitzvos and are so thankful for that [interesting - some people would say that women should thank Hashem that they are obligated in less mitzvos]. Others say that the biological functioning of a woman's body make her life more challenging than that of a man. Men are thankful that they don't have the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and childbirth. 

The Rav says that men are thanking Hashem that they are the more active players in creation. It is usually the men who are the Presidents, the head of the departments, the principal of the schools etc. etc. It is usually the men who are making the major decisions in life and are the movers and shakers. 

But there is a danger in a man's role that he might go on a path not in line with Hashem's will. Since women are more passive, the odds of them veering from G-d's will are slim. They therefore thank Hashem that He made them in such a way that they are closer to His original plan - שעשני כרצונו.