Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Arrested For Stupidity

I really think some people should arrested for stupidity. They should be held at the police precinct for an hour, told that they are behaving stupidly, be fed some brain food [whatever that may be] and then sent home.  

I read an article on an "Orthodox" website where the message was that we should teach our children from the youngest age that sometimes men marry women but sometimes they marry men and that is equally legitimate. Same goes for women. Sometimes they marry a man and sometimes they choose a woman and that is just fine. Putting aside for a moment the Biblical view on a man having sex with another man - would even a secular person want to teach his or her child that it is just as good to marry a person of the same gender as it is to marry a person of the opposite gender?? What happens when one lives as homosexual? One cannot have biological children. One is shunned by parts of society. One denies the children [he might adopt] the ever so healthy dynamic of a mommy and daddy. Every child receives certain things from a mother and other things from a father. Psychologists talk about how healthy a family is where this dynamic exists. It is not healthy for a child to lack parents of both genders. There have been many studies indicating that homosexuals are much more prone to depression, mental disorders and suicide [עי' גוגל].  

So where is the logic in presenting a six year old with the idea that he can look to boys in his class as future marriage partners?

I am not talking about the State legalizing gay marriage. That doesn't really concern me here. I am also not talking about how to relate to people who for whatever reason find it necessary to tell the world that they are sleeping with other men [why this has to be public knowledge I don't understand]. I am talking about raising children with a Jewish sense of morality and values. 

So here is my suggestion to all of those "post-modern-anything-goes-if-that-is-what-you-desire-at-this-moment-and-I-won't-judge-you" philosophy - Stop calling yourself Orthodox. Call yourself "Liberal-Torah-Denying-Jews-Whose-Views-Are-Much-Closer-To-The-New-York-Times-Than-To-Anything-Remotely-Jewish".

This doesn't negate your right to have a tzelem Elokim. Even people who are misleading their children because they themselves are so confused are created in the image of G-d. We will smile at you and relate to you lovingly.  

But I really think it is unwise [a nicer way of saying "downright stupid"] to teach one's children that any lifestyle they choose is equally legitimate and OK, from not only a Jewish perspective but from a psychological one as well.