Monday, July 17, 2017

Did He Kiss Her?

לרפואת הרב יצחק בן ברכה בתוך שח"י

The pasuk says that when Yaakov saw רחל for the first time, his reaction was וישק - [apparently] he KISSED HER!!

Not so yeshivish. 

Says the Ksav Vi-kabbalah that he didn't literally kiss her. Rather, he deeply connected to her in mind only, as the pasuk says [Tehillim 85] צדק ושלום נשקו - Justice and peace "kissed".

Have you ever seen justice kiss peace??

Of course not. It means that they connected, as the Metzudos explained:

"נשקו" - פגשו זה בזה ונשקו יחד ר"ל תלוים המה זה בזה כשנעשה צדק תבוא השלום

So too, claims the כתב וקבלה, Yaakov didn't literally kiss Rochel, he just connected to her deeply.