Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Problem Of Consciousness

לרפואת שרה לאה בת רבקה בתוך שח"י 

Ok - let's say that I read the New York Times, went to University etc, etc, and am a card caring follower of that cult called "Science" which promises answers to all questions [as opposed to science (lower case "s") which only claims to offer hypotheses about the physical universe]. 

My Zeide is "Saba Monkey". I just developed from nothing into a single cell organism [how did THAT happen?]. Then I developed further into the Nobel Prize winner for literature and a rabid Mets fan. 

Here is the question: Where does CONSCIOUSNESS come from? My ability to think about me - my identity, my purpose, to analyze my thoughts as would an outsider, my yearning for things non-material, my willingness to forgo the material for the spiritual, the feelings of and need for love, passion, compassion and connection.

The human brain? There is a mind behind that physical brain.  

Take a computer. It can process loads of information but has ZERO consciousness. It doesn't feel love or anything for that matter. 

And imagine I am using a computer and claim that nobody programmed it. Some Arab blew up a restaurant in Paris [he was from Chamas and was angry they weren't serving enough Chumus] and BOOM - my new PC suddenly appeared [with the Otzar Hachochma program already installed].


So those with a materialist perspective on life are basically making that claim and in addition have no explanation for consciousness. [Someone wrote a book "Why Materialism Is Baloney" which I haven't read but would like to. And see here.] 

So think about consciousness and the most viable, rational and reasonable explanation for it's existence: The soul which is a piece of G-dliness within us.  

א-להי - נשמה שנתת בי טהורה היא. 

Let us pay more attention to that part of us and a bit less to the material part that is destined to be placed in the earth with all of its fleeting pleasure a long forgotten non-reality.