Friday, April 1, 2016

Connect Deeply

Today I was walking on 72nd street on my way to the mikva for my Erev Shabbos dip [in America it doesn't help much to go to the mikva - the moment you get out, you have to get back in...] and I hear a voice saying "Good Shabbos". [It happens to me ALL THE TIME when I am here that people say Jewish things to me. Do I look so Jewish??]

I look up and there she is. 

Blacker than black. Michael Jordan black. Wearing jeans [so not a giyores tzedek]. 

I didn't say anything back. I probably just smiled or acknowledged her in another way and that was it. 

I should have said "א הויכע נשמה-דיגע שבת מיט א סאך צ'ילענט, קיגעל און צימעס. קה אכסוף נועם שבת, טייערע גוייטע!!"

What was that all about?

People want to connect.

Wouldn't it be beautiful if we would connect in deeper and more meaningful ways also. What a world we would have if so many of our interactions weren't so superficial....