Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Lessons From The Elections

Look at the human psyche. For many/most people, the main focus of life is money. People get up early, work long days for most of their lives so they can [or so they think] enjoy their money. 

But let us look at Donald and Hillary. They are both super-super wealthy. They are also senior citizens and can take the train with the senior citizens discount. What a deal. A trillion dollars plus a reduced fee for the train ride!:-)

So why don't they just TAKE IT EASY! Enjoy. Get up at 10:30 am. Eat a good, hefty breakfast. Then plan a fun day of spending money, going places, seeing people, attending parties and events etc. etc. Enough already - you have been working hard your whole life and now you have enough money for yourselves, your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren ad sof kol hadoros. Why do you need the most difficult pressured job ON EARTH??

The answer is broad, but here is part of it: The pasuk says that אדם לעמל יולד. The nature of man is to work. We don't feel good about ourselves when we do nothing. Our President elect and Former-First-Lady-Almost-Wife-Of-First-Man are great examples of this. They don't want to go into the sunset while drinking tequila sunrises on a beach that they own. They want to accomplish, to make history, to shape reality. 

Now, if we would have a spiritual stethescope we might find that there is also a desire for honor and power while holding the most powerful and honorific post on the planet. Money doesn't suffice. There are other territories to conquer. 

The lessons for us:

1] We should ALSO never rest on our laurels but always look for new challenges to make the world a better place. This requires both a commitment to personal goals and communal ones.

2] Remember that money - no matter how much of it you have - is never completely satisfying. 

3] Scrutinize your motives. Sometimes we think we are doing great things [and we are] but beneath the surface lies a hungry ego....

So I believe Donald when he says that he wants to make America a great place for all of us and all of the other platitudes. But it is hard to believe that he is totally self-effacing and it is all about fixing our country and helping people with zero ego. 

But he doesn't have Mesilas Yesharim. We who do, can go MUCH HIGHER than any President.

Frankly, if you made a bracha today or learned some Torah you had a far more successful day than Donald. Let us never lose sight of the fact the to be a poshut Yid is a TRILLION times greater than inhabiting the White House and having every news outlet on the planet follow you around and record your every word. 

So Mazel Tov, Donald. May you help America and Klal Yisrael and make America a country of chesed to all. And mazel tov to us for an even greater zchus than being President - being a Jew!!

And may Donald be zocheh that his einiklach become true Bnei Torah and Talmidei Chachomim!!