Wednesday, June 13, 2018



After 8 beautiful years, over 10,600 posts and soon [imy"H] 1.4 MILLION visits - it is time to revamp the site, make it more attractive and user friendly AND CONTINUE SPREADING TORAH TO THE WORLD in an even more effective manner.


What is even more exciting is that I need your help. I will put in a few dollars if necessary but my bank situation doesn't allow me to completely fund this. You can only spend what you have  - vihameivin yaveen.

I have put thousands of hours into the blog at no cost to the thousands who benefit and now is the time to express gratitude and to be my partner for the future.

My computer/web experts who will do the work tell me that it will cost about 5,000 dollars to make the improvements. I know one yeshiva that raised millions of dollars in one day this year. I only need a FRACTION of that for OUR virtual yeshiva that has THOUSANDS of students. From then on everything becomes free again.

SO PLEASE, a one time donation. I am not planning to do this again or to have any other appeals in the foreseeable future. I just want to focus on spreading the Torah in a manner that glorifies the name of Hashem and inspires people to become better people and better Jews.

If everybody reading this would give just TWO BUCKS we would reach our goal in no time but the nature of these things is that most people ignore the call. Be a HERO. Have a portion in Torah for many years to come when countless thousands will benefit from these improvements. You get rewarded in this world and the next. GUARANTEED. By Hashem Himself.

כל המוסיף - מוסיפים לו מן השמים!!   

Let us try to close this before Shabbos so that I can focus once again on the substance and spirit. אם אין קמח אין תורה. You share some  קמח and receive in return great Torah! Don't miss out!! Once we have the necessary funds it will be too late....

With much love for you and our sweet Torah,
Me 珞