Thursday, June 14, 2018

Rav Moshe And The Shoe Shiner

A Jew was once walking on the Lower East Side going to a simcha. He noticed his shoes needed a shine so he stopped and had his shoes shined by the black shoe shiner keeping shop on the sidewalk. This was right before the year 2000 when people were worried about the bug that threatened to cause havoc to the world's computers [known in Hebrew as באג אלפיים]. The shoe shiner asked the man if he thought anything would happen. He said he didn't know and asked the shoe shiner his opinion.

The shoe shiner answered that he doesn't know but Rabbi Feinstein would know if he were alive. The surprised Jew asked him how he knew Rabbi Feinstein. He said that every day Rabbi Feinstein walked by, he would say hello. And if it was raining and the shoe shiner had to go inside, Rav Moshe WOULD GO IN AND FIND HIM TO SAY HELLO! 

[דרכי משה]